The 4X4 Approach®

Our philosophy states that a strong, efficient back office foundation is critical for growth.  At G4 we cast that foundation in what we have named our 4X4 Approach. Results from the 4X4 Approach provide organizations growth opportunities through expense reduction and strategic management.

Simply put,

"G4 Saves You Money!"   


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The 4 Elements

The 4X4 Approach incorporates the 4 Elements of your current administrative expense environment:

  1. Processes (Description, Details, Systems, Suppliers, Customers, Frequency and Improvements)

  2. Considerations (Cost-Benefit Analysis of Change, Reporting, System Configuration, Data Migration, Interface)

  3. Critical Success Factors (Volumes, Risks from Failure, External Influencers, Resources Required, Time Taken, Controls, Current Approaches to Covering Problems, Quick Wins/Actions, Wish List for the Future)

  4. Key Performance Indicators (Inputs, Outputs, Tasks, Contacts)

The 4 Pillars

We fuse these constituent elements into our 4 Pillars of the 4X4 Approach to provide you with:

  1. Visibility (Data Collection, Analysis)

  2. Performance Evaluation (Savings Opportunity, Maximize Systems and Process, Supplier Agreement Adherence)

  3. Business Intelligence (Vendor Negotiation, Access to G4 Network of Service Providers/Leverage)

  4. Ongoing Optimization (Implementation, Savings Verification, Program Adoption)

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