At G4 Advisors we believe business decisions are made to advance efforts in two areas, Revenue Growth and Cost Avoidance.  In today's competitive environment even the simplest business decisions must be made in the presence of superior Information, Visibility and Expertise. G4 Advisors focus on cost avoidance by providing vital business intelligence and negotiation expertise to core administrative and operating expenses. 


About Us


We are a team of experienced operational consultants specializing in expense management and efficiency.  We provide organizations with cost savings opportunities by negotiating best in class pricing, supplier contract management and actionable business intelligence.  


Having reviewed, audited, strategized and negotiated thousands of supplier contracts in multiple industries across a variety of corporate cultures, we possess the knowledge, contacts and data to place your organization in a leverage position when dealing with supplier expenses.

Our Staff


Our Consultants have verified over $500 million in client cost savings and business expense management. We source the leading experts in their respective fields to work for you, providing single point of contact accountability, coordination and communication.

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